KDNY is currently touring A Complex Sum and our Going repertory programs.
Navigating the Hallway is available for collaborations with local organizations in site-specific venues and Charges from Domremy is available for restaging.
All KDNY repertory has a strong feminine focus and is performed to dynamic original music, which can include live performance accompaniment.

photo: Yi-Chun Wu

Going Program
All of us recognize that we are mostly going. While we may not know the path or always reach our intended destinations, no one misses the fact that our lives are spent going. In a repertory evening of four group pieces, KDNY celebrates the most important and engaging elements, our relationships and our journey. This repertory program includes three works to original scores composed by Juilliard Alumna, Cristina Spinei: Evergreen; From; and Wide Asleep; and Formula with music by Zoe Keating.
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A Complex Sum
In A Complex Sum, choreographer Kathleen Dyer takes inspiration from iconic female philosopher Ayn Rand’s Romantic Manifesto. In these essays, Rand champions the individual and elaborately relates art as idealism viewed through one’s own understanding.  Dyer creates a powerful evening-length synthesis that captures the oscillating nature of the ideal amid a community of minds. To an original score for string quartet by NY composer, Cristina Spinei, Ms. Dyer uses movable sets and projected video to construct layers of warmth, entanglement or comedy. Each moment offers multiple definitions and rearrangements of our observations to contemplate what it takes to make us who we are.

photo: Lois Greenfield
design: Kathleen Dyer

photo: Lois Greenfield
design: Heather Kemp

Navigating the Hallway
A seventy-minute, site-specific dramedy that captures the exhilarating pace and proximity of urban living through a collision of live and projected high-energy dance. This group work for five dancers uses a set of area rugs to represent ‘rooms’ of those living in close proximity, though isolated by their adjoining walls. Performed to an explosive percussion score by PJ Merola, Navigating the Hallway explores the interactions, questions, and inspirations that can occur while sharing small spaces.
Charges from Domremy
A seventy-minute work inspired by the historic female hero, Joan of Arc. This group work for twelve dancers is performed to Richard Einhorn’s renowned oratorio, “Voices of Light” and explores a deeper side of Joan’s story as her faith and divinity are tested by the Burgundian judges during her famous trial. As she begins to doubt in herself and the mission sent to her by the “Voices” from God, she teeters on the line of insanity and despair. This work explores that journey and how she liberates herself from those doubts to find peace and divine purpose.

photo: Ellen Crane