photo: Yi-Chun Wu

Complex Sum (2012)
In A Complex Sum, choreographer Kathleen Dyer takes inspiration from iconic female philosopher Ayn Rand’s Romantic Manifesto. In these essays, Rand champions the individual and elaborately relates art as idealism viewed through one’s own understanding.  Dyer’s movement vocabulary, a fusion of graceful virtuosity and idiosyncratic nuances, captures the oscillating nature of the ideal amid a community of minds. To an original score for string quartet by NY composer, Cristina Spinei, Ms. Dyer uses movable sets and projected video to construct layers of warmth, entanglement or comedy so that each moment offers multiple definitions and rearrangements of our observations.
Formula (2011)
Formula is an escalating layering of duets set to Zoe Keating’s optimistic looping cello compositions. Insistent melodies and inventive links reinforce the necessity of allies as the best medicine for progress.

photo: Yi-Chun Wu

photo: Yi-Chun Wu

Vinegar Hill (2011)
Mysterious and aggressive, set against a mountainous backdrop, a quartet of women wrestle and clamor over each other in a competitive bid for control. Vinegar Hill glimpses the souring of camaraderie as the desire for autonomy erodes the relationships that once bound them together.
Sheridan in Limbo (2005)
A journey into an ephemeral home, an almost heaven, where the truly innocent eternally abound. Five women perform to original music performed live by PJ Merola against a backdrop of site-specific video. As the score, video, and movement evolves, the compassionate residents of Limbo embrace the disconsolate Sheridan, slowly washing away her past and her sorrow. Finally flourishing in the unimaginable bliss and splendor of her new home, she joins the welcoming cycle.

photo: design by Heather Kemp

photo: Lois Greenfield

Attending Kinneely (2004)
An abstract group work for five dancers that explores the blissful exhaustion of raising a small child. Performed to an original composition by percussionist PJ Merola, this five-section work is a wry take on a mother’s frenetic quest for constant reassurance and the sleepwalking and fatigue that ensues.
Moerae (2004)
In Greek mythology, The Fates were the powers that spin the destiny of man, determining even their death. Four women continuously dance and weave their wills as they continuously unravel a life represented by a thread pulled across the stage.

photo: Ellen Crane