What’s Been Said about K D N Y! 

Not Much Up “was clean and sharp, geometric and postmodern, sleek and stoic.   It was a thrill to watch.”
Kevin Giordano, Dance Magazine

“By far the most enjoyable evening I’ve spent at Fringe/NYC…her witty recombinations…add color and texture to the evening and ground each piece in a specific reality.”
Tim Cusack,

“Ms. Dyer made her dancing angels look happily awhirl and agog. They swept onstage in breezy buoyant surges, and retreated in gentle ebbs of movement.”
Jack Anderson, New York Times (2000)

On Chaingers: “These moments, nicely wrought, exuded a truer sense of connectedness. …And the vocabulary allowed the dancers to showcase their technique while they suggested a unity.”
Kevin Giordano, Dance Magazine

“KDNY offered wit and substance…Attending Kinneely was certainly quirky….they gathered in formation with big sweeping movements…Complex and layered images erupted at surprising moments…”
Margaret Putnam, Dallas Morning News

“The near capacity crowd…showered the dancers with rousing applause….Dyer mixes vigorous athleticism with plenty of nuanced and quirky moves.”
Jeanne Claire van Ryzin, Austin American-Statesman

“Dyer’s sense of humor infected East Whistwaddle Ladies most thoroughly. In tiny sharp movements-like little shakes of the head – Dyer brims with personality.”
Clare Croft, The Washington Post

“The five women performed a super-energetic, athletic…terrific individual phrases…[giving] each individual performer a chance to excel. Flowers on the Table by the Open Window was the highlight of the program…a psychological portrait of women.”
Suzanne K. Walther,

Canon of the Fates played on the idea of a thread unraveling…three dancers…spinning against each other, much like living spools.”
Brita Brundage, Fairfield County Weekly